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What's New at Peridot Daisy

Spotlight: ELEMENTALS - Fire Bangle

Josey Slight

The element of FIRE.

Fanning the flames of passion and creativity, building momentum, finding the impetus to reach for our dreams and goals.  Manifesting what we desire for our health, relationships, career. Building confidence, vitality, courage.  On a physical level, toning the digestive and endocrine systems and stimulating healthy sexuality.  Fire element stones resonate with the 2nd (sacral/spleen) and 3rd (solar plexus) chakras.

While the Earth Bangle is a real close second for me (I AM a Virgo--Earth sign!), the Fire Bangle is my personal #1 choice!  The vibrant warm colors make me happy and bring out a joyful vitality in me that keeps my energies humming and my creativity flowing.  It reminds me that I have the know-how and energy to accomplish all the awesome things I want in my life.  That is exactly what I hope to accomplish with this design--and more!

So here are my stone choices for the Elementals - Fire Bangle and why...



The gemstone that stands out most in this bangle is Carnelian (varying shades of orange). Visually it pops, and energetically it is the most assertive!  You could say Carnelian is a Type A ;)  Hehe.  It gets things accomplished and goes its own way.  It's efficient.  What Carnelian does best is get you over the hump to get something done.  It provides stamina, creative boosts, confidence, and vitality. On top of all that, it boosts your sensuality, sexuality and intimacy to balance it all out. It also is excellent for people who are healers by profession--it balances inner spiritual work with being firmly grounded.  Through fortifying our physical body, it strengthens our connection to the Divine.  And, after all that hard work, the marvelous thing about it is that it doesn't step on everyone's toes on the way to its goal. It may be a little bossy, but it's still a team player...and it blends beautifully with the other 5 gems in this design!



Bronzite (also known as Enstatite--it is dark opaque swirly brown) is known as the "stone of focused action."  It's good at helping you see the big picture and then move forward with courage and resolve.  I specifically chose this stone because I feel it anchors the other "fast moving" stones in the design.  It's a little "heavy" (and it actually contains iron!) grounds all the other stones while keeping you grounded as well.  Fire can get messy if it gets out of control, right? :)  Think of Bronzite as the bucket of dirt you can sprinkle on your campfire! (Yeah I know, I have cheesy metaphors to my madness...but with gemstones, I think they really help one to understand their healing properties!)


Tiger's Eye.

Tiger's Eye.

Next is a stone you may recognize--Tiger's Eye (gold and brown).  I love this stone--it is such an old soul...a wise teacher with so much to show us.  Tiger's Eye is a stone of Fire and Earth, sun and soil, spirit and body.  This duality teaches us balance in our everyday lives.  It is a firm teacher of finding the harmonious middle ground when presented with extreme situations or polarities in our own emotional lives.  Once we start to learn this lesson, we begin to make choices not based on quick judgment, but by discernment cultivated by our highest self.  Tiger's Eye could be considered the warrior's stone--it protects, brings luck, enhances courage, passion, and physical strength.  Its resonance with the first three Chakras makes it the perfect balance of grounding, practicality, and action.  It is the perfect addition to the Fire bangle, bridging the gaps between all the other stones.




There's no way I couldn't include the ultimate solar plexus (3rd) chakra stone--Citrine (pale yellow)!  It purifies the channels of manifestation and magnifies the incoming flow of all the things you want and need for your highest good.  It stokes the fires of our will and reminds us that we are deserving of abundance.  Consider Citrine your ally for clarity and brainstorming visionary ideas. It's the perfect gemstone to partner with Carnelian especially--it's the kindling to Carnelian's fire!  Citrine is also a gemstone that helps cleanse other gemstones that are nearby.  It will not be bogged down by negative vibes, and because of this it continually clears and recharges the other stones.  It will keep your Fire bangle humming and buzzing!


Honey Calcite.

Honey Calcite.

Out of all the stones in this bangle, Honey Calcite (creamy pale yellow) is the chill provides calm and soothing amidst all the forging ahead and go-getting amidst the burning flames of the Fire element.  Like Citrine, it reminds you that you are deserving of abundance in all areas of your life and helps bring down the walls that you put up to convince yourself otherwise!  It is an amazing stone for "getting the project done" will provide physical stamina, focus and persistence.  It will also give you confidence to overcome any fears of said project, especially fears of taking responsibility.  Physically, this particular color of Calcite is a balm to the endocrine system.  It assists in balancing blood sugar and supports all glandular functions and the immune system.  I believe this is a very important addition to this particular design--Fire element people tend to burn themselves out!! (Pun intended. lol.)




Lastly, after choosing the other 5 stones, I felt something was missing in the mix.  After brainstorming my overall purpose of this design, I realized what was missing--heart.  There was plenty of raw passion, momentum, and motivation...but the emotional factor seemed to be missing.  Rhodochrosite (warm pink with black inclusions) popped into mind and it even looked beautiful with all the golds and oranges!  What's awesome is that Rhodochrosite is both a Fire AND Water element stone. It is exactly what is needed to finish off this masterpiece--its energies are fiery enough to mesh, but its water energies cool and soothe the other stones just to take the edge off.  It is a loving and heart-healing stone.  Not only that, it reaches out to the inner child.  It teaches us to reconnect with that part of ourselves, and in the process we rediscover the practice and importance of play, creativity and expressing love and affection.  It may also stir up old wounds that need to be brought to the surface for deep-seated healing.  The wonderful thing is that when combined with all these other Fire element stones, you will feel ready to move through any pain with courage, and when you come out on the other side you will feel joyful, comforted and encouraged that this life is good!


Whew!  That was an intense bunch of information!  Well, at least it was for me.  lol.  Getting all my thoughts about it down on paper was a lot more work than I realized!  It just confirms even more that this bangle is perfect for me :)  How would the Fire bangle work in your life??

Next up...the WATER Elemental Bangle...just go with the flow...

Thanks for stopping in :)

Spotlight: ELEMENTALS - Earth Bangle

Josey Slight


Happy Earth Day!   What perfect timing to tell you more about the Elementals Earth Bangle. :)

The Earth element governs our most basic needs in life--family, career, health, our home and financial security--all the things we need to feel safe and grounded.  These needs also correspond to the Base/Root (1st) chakra, which is the energy center found at the base of the spine.  If you find that you are lacking in any of these areas, including the physical area of the body, the Earth Bangle can help provide a little boost!

Supporting these particular life areas with the gentle vibrations of crystals encourages us to be resourceful, perseverant, practical and to feel more present in the now.

How do you know if you need the Earth Bangle?  Well, I like to tell people that if you find a particular piece of jewelry or gemstone particularly attractive, it's because there's an energetic vibration in it that will benefit you.  If you're an Earth sign (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn), this bangle will boost your naturally strong ties to this element...and if you're not, it will assist in bringing those to the forefront for examination and growth!

So here are my deeper thoughts on the gemstones in this design:

Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline.

The first gemstone I chose for this bangle is Black Tourmaline (easy to figure out--it's the black stone!).  You can't get more grounding than with this baby!  It truly is a must-have for our times.  It provides good stuff we need EVERY day--purification of the physical body, protection from excess electronics, and absorbing and transmuting other people's bad vibes.  And when I say grounding I mean several things: connecting us with the oh-so-healing Earth energies, keeping us focused on the here and now, and helping us feel stable, safe and strong.  Black Tourmaline isn't shy, and it does its job with no questions asked!

Smoky Quartz.

Smoky Quartz.

A best friend to Black Tourmaline is Smoky Quartz (small and translucent smoky brown).  I love pairing these two.  Smoky has many of the same properties, but it is even more efficient at "composting" negative energies (EMFs, grouchy people vibes, sadness, etc...). It literally sends those energies into the Earth, and She transforms them back into love and light as they are sent back out!  It is also slightly more gentle and when worn over long periods of time becomes well attuned to your energy field to help you exactly in the ways you need! Smoky Quartz is also a wonderful hormone balancer for both women AND men.  It is that best friend you need on a down-in-the-dumps kinda day.  Goodness knows we all need that!

Picasso Jasper.

Picasso Jasper.

The next gemstone in the bangle is Picasso Jasper (multi-earth-colored stones with flat sides). There are many varieties of Jasper, and they all vibrate with Mama Earth's energy in a very simple and raw way.  I chose Picasso Jasper because while it is an excellent Earth element stone, it also brings in some upper chakra energies.  Not only is it superb at stimulating creativity (2nd and 3rd chakras) but it helps in the area of attracting beneficial relationships (3rd chakra) as well as in prayer and meditation (6th & 7th chakras). I feel that those who need support for their Earth element can always benefit from extra stability in these areas--healthy relationships and being able to express ourselves creatively (however that may be for you!) helps us grow and blossom!  Picasso Jasper reminds us to let our hair down and live and to step out of the worries of daily survival.  It provides an excellent balance between all the grounding and security that Earth element stones provide.

Moss Agate.

Moss Agate.

The last gemstone in the bangle is Moss Agate (light and medium green round stones).  I chose this stone as the energetic link between all the rest.  Compared to the blacks and browns of the other gems, Moss Agate's color is airy and light and gives you the feeling of new life in spring!  It is vitality and it is growth.  It puts the ZING in between all the deep, earthy grounding gems.  It is a superb whole-body balancing gemstone and loves to do its thing in the background, very persistently and gently.  Moss Agate can also give you a peek into the realm of Nature Spirits if you so desire...if the child-like part of you wants to explore, just ask Moss Agate and she will take you there!  Maybe that sounds silly to some, but connecting to that basic part of you as a child is very healing and magical.  Opening your eyes to the miracles of nature can truly bring joy and happiness to the dark corners of our modern lives.

I hope this has been a fun and educational post!  I like to think my designs are much more than pretty collections of stones; I enjoy the process, science and also the esoteric part of creating healing jewelry!

Next up: the FIRE Elemental Bangle!

Thanks for stopping by :)

What's Your Sign?

Josey Slight

While the winter chill is still quite apparent here in Wisconsin, Spring is technically only a few weeks away!  I've noticed the Cardinals back at the feeders, our family pets are getting more cagey (and crazy!), and I'm getting geared up to start planning our vegetable garden.  And in the workshop, the design ideas have been abundant as I've started coming out of my winter slumber! ;)

One question I often get from my customers is, "What gemstones correspond with my sign?"  Because I'm the curious type (and then I began to wonder what my own gemstones would be!), this has sparked my interest in astrology.  Not your cheesy, vague horoscope variety or the "You're stuck as a Virgo, learn to live with it" kind, but astrology that focuses on understanding our journey as humans with choices to overcome challenges, with aspects of ALL signs in our personalities; astrology that helps us grow and evolve.  After a little research, I found that evolutionary astrology embodies what's interesting to me, and it seems much more helpful than some of the dooming advice I've read!

I love how evolutionary astrologer Kristin Fontana says it,

"The focal point in Evolutionary Astrology therefore is the position of Pluto, the soul. It is vitally important to understand where the soul has been, for just as with a book, you do not read the last chapter first. Evolutionary Astrology will assist in explaining certain tendencies and attractions. If something is not working in your life, it may continue to express itself as a repeating theme until the lesson is learned and the pattern is finally broken. Often times we simply re-create what’s familiar, not necessarily because it’s good for us. Evolutionary Astrology unveils the ‘why’ in these patterns and offers insights and guidance into a soul’s evolutionary path, enabling one to self empower and create a reality reflecting a Soul’s deepest desires and intention for this life."

Over the last several months, I've dipped my toes in several evolutionary astrologers' websites.  One that particularly caught my eye was Shakti Carola Navran, who is a retired jeweler (trained by master jewelers in Germany back in the 70s) and published author.  Her love of gemstones and their healing properties spurred the creation of her Gemstones for the Soul Profile, a lengthy report identifying your 14 most powerful gemstones based on your astrological birth chart.  Fascinating!!  Shakti was gracious enough to let me feature this report via my website.  Take a look at it if you get a chance!  There is tons of info on the product page, plus a video, audio interview and a link to her book. typical Virgo style... ;) ...I've been doing a little reading and research on the whole evolutionary astrology thing.  Shakti gave me many good recommendations on books, and the one I chose to start with is Steven Forrest's The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life.  It's been a fun read as a primer on evolutionary astrology, the 12 signs, 10 planets, 4 elements and how to read birth charts!

The cool part about evolutionary astrology is that, in a way, you are EVERY sign.  When you were born, the planets were at various places amidst the zodiac and also in the 12 houses (ruled by the 12 signs), which are stages and subjects in our every day lives where our identity is created through action.  Each of the planets and their own influences affect how you produce action in each of the houses. (Confused yet?! Hehe.) 

Something I learned in Forrest's book is how the signs are connected to the seasons, and the seasons are connected to the 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Wind/Air, Water).  I put this together with knowledge I already have about the 7 Chakras (energy centers on the body) and a new line of jewelry was born--Elementals (not too fancy of a name, I know ;) ).  So far I have designed 4 bangle bracelets corresponding to the 4 elements.  There will be more to come!

Here's the fun info on the bangle designs--where do you fit in?


Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Winter Solstice

Grounding, Protection

Root (1st) Chakra

Moss Agate, Picasso Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Spring Equinox

Momentum, Creativity

Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras (2&3)

Honey Calcite, Bronzite, Citrine, Rhodochrosite,Tiger's Eye,Carnelian


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Summer Solstice

Emotions, Communication

Heart & Throat Chakras (4&5)

Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Morganite, Rose Quartz


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Autumnal Equinox

Mental Abilities, Intuition

Third Eye & Crown Chakras (6&7)

Charoite, Dumortierite, Blue Apatite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz

So what does all this have to do with my jewelry?  Well, I love how the elements coincide with the chakras (chakras, gemmies, and color therapy are my passion!).  I love how the gemstones boost the qualities in each of the signs--which also means if you need to toughen up your Aries (even though you're a Libra), you can wear the Fire bangle. If you need to strengthen your Taurus traits (even though you're a Leo), you can wear the Earth bangle.  If you know nothing about astrology, you can choose by chakra, the gemstone attributes at the bottom of each product page, or simply pick what is beautiful to you.  It's a cool system, and a fun way to work the healing power of gemstones into every single day!

Be watching for more designs to come in the Elementals line :)

Thanks for stopping in!


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Year Five

Josey Slight

Hello, Friends :)

As you can see by the slim pickins in this blog, I've not had much time (or motivation!) to regularly post.  If all goes well, there may be more content here this year :)  Well, I'm inspired here I go!  

This is the book that started it all for Peridot Daisy :)  My husband ordered it for me for Christmas in 2010, and the very next month I started my business! (Read more on the  About Josey  page.)

This is the book that started it all for Peridot Daisy :)  My husband ordered it for me for Christmas in 2010, and the very next month I started my business! (Read more on the About Josey page.)

The first piece of wire jewelry I ever made back in January 2011.  I'm not sure why I made it so hard by creating twisted wire to use for it! LOL! I can't even remember how many hours it took me to do this, but thankfully my skills have much improved ;)  And I have a much better camera!

The first piece of wire jewelry I ever made back in January 2011.  I'm not sure why I made it so hard by creating twisted wire to use for it! LOL! I can't even remember how many hours it took me to do this, but thankfully my skills have much improved ;)  And I have a much better camera!

2015 starts the 5th year of Peridot Daisy.  WOW!  It began in January of 2011 and has brought me more blessings and pleasure than I ever dreamed.  I have let it grow slowly, balancing work with personal time despite the pressures to do lots of trunk shows, etc... (I've only done one!)  And while last year brought some bumps in the road health-wise for me which significantly changed my goals for the year, I am beyond grateful I have a career that allowed me to focus my time and energy on my health when needed.  Things are much better now and I have a lot of new ideas that will spring forth this year!

First, I've decided to cut way back on from-scratch custom orders this year.  What I mean by "from-scratch" is custom designs where we are working from the ground up for something that is 100% unique.  Why am I doing this? Mostly for time's sake.  They are heavily time-consuming (although I enjoy them greatly).  and it's hard to get well compensated for that time while still charging a fair price.  In short, my large volume of custom orders has prevented me from focusing my energy elsewhere for the business to help it grow and move forward.  Time for some more balancing out! 

You'll notice on my website I do have custom items available, but those are already solidified designs that become customized by different stones!  I am happy to do that with ANY of the designs on my website; all you have to do is contact me and we can go from there.  If you DO want a from-scratch custom design, please contact me as far in advance as you can to see if I can fulfill your request :)

As I mentioned, this year I have lots of my own designs I want to bring to life!  While all of my jewelry has my "touch", I don't feel I've solidified my own style since I've focused so much on custom orders.  And you know, maybe my style is eclectic and somewhat random anyway--and I'm okay with that!  I tend to lean toward whimsical, colorful, geometric and nature or space inspired ideas, but not always.  My passion on the healing end of the jewelry is color therapy and chakras so you will see more of that as I roll out the new designs :)

I also have regular weekly Facebook posts planned.  Themes include FAQ, Gemstone of the Weekend, and a few series of "lessons" about areas I'm interested in as far as my jewelry goes. (I know that's vague, but I don't want to give it all away yet!)  And regarding Facebook, with their ever-changing algorithms as far as what you end up seeing in your news feed, if you want to be sure to never miss an update, turn on Peridot Daisy's page notifications. Don't forget the more you interact with my posts (Like, Share, Comment) the more you should see them show up in your feed.

I can't begin to properly thank all of you who have been supporting Peridot Daisy with your orders and referrals over the last 4 years.  I am honored and ever so grateful for the friendships we've created! You all fill my days with joy and fun!!  I'm super stoked for all the awesome happenings coming up this year.

That's it for now...thanks for reading :)

Happy Autumn :)


Hello! :)

It’s hard for me to believe that in January it will be 2 years since Peridot Daisy started!  Thank you thank you thank you to all my friends, family and especially my hubby who have supported and encouraged me to follow my dreams!  And that includes all my amazing customers who are patient and grateful :)  You all add to the joy I experience every time I sit down at the workbench.

This has definitely been a fun year here at the workshop.  After leaving my part time job at the end of April, I experienced an influx of new customers and have kept my hands busy creating all sorts of lovely jewelry.  Last Christmas I got a micro-torch that I mainly used for annealing thick gauge wire (to soften it for easier bending) and also for making homemade ball head pins, but I couldn’t help but want to dabble a bit in metalsmithing :)  Recently I acquired a few more new tools and some copper sheet metal and started practicing my bezel-setting skills! Sometime next year I hope to have become proficient enough to officially add this type of jewelry to Peridot Daisy :)

    My FIRST attempt ever at a bezel setting. Far from perfect, but functional! ;) A bezel is basically a band of metal that encompasses an object (in my case, a gemstone) which is then soldered to a piece of metal that is part of the jewelry piece. It essentially makes a shallow “cup” that the gem sits in, and then the top of the bezel is rubbed over or burnished over the edge of the gem. This burnishing thins and smooths the bezel edge and holds the gem  into  place.


My FIRST attempt ever at a bezel setting. Far from perfect, but functional! ;) A bezel is basically a band of metal that encompasses an object (in my case, a gemstone) which is then soldered to a piece of metal that is part of the jewelry piece. It essentially makes a shallow “cup” that the gem sits in, and then the top of the bezel is rubbed over or burnished over the edge of the gem. This burnishing thins and smooths the bezel edge and holds the gem into place.

Cover of Lesson #2 of Eni Oken’s Think & Design Series. Used with permission.

Cover of Lesson #2 of Eni Oken’s Think & Design Series. Used with permission.

While I’ve learned a lot of techniques in jewelry making in the last 2 years, many times I find it hard to create a new design without being inspired by someone else’s.  One of my tutorial resources is and recently I subscribed to their premium membership so I could have access to a series of lessons called Think & Design Jewelry Series.  It teaches you how to take sketches you make of things that inspire you and develop it into an actual piece of jewelry! 

The author, Eni Oken, focuses on the more “heady” part of designing jewelry—namely design theory and other aspects of art and architecture and then shows you how to apply that to jewelry making techniques.  She also teaches how to experiment more efficiently and effectively!  That’s one thing that will help me tremendously; I spend just about as much time experimenting as actually making the final pieces because I do soooo many custom orders.  I’m telling you this because while I love my eclectic-ish mish-mash of jewelry, it excites me to think how this will help me develop more of my own personal style :)  …Or at least some themed lines of designs!

Are you active on Pinterest?  Well, I’ve resisted the temptation about as long as I could ;)  I have only a personal account, but I have some PD stuff up there and I want to add some Pin It buttons to my website to make pinning easier, too.  Look me up under PeridotDaisy.  And happy pinning!

If you are a fan of my Peridot Daisy Facebook page, you know that most of my communication has previously been there instead of here at my blog.  I’m going to attempt to spend more time here, posting shorter, more interesting stuff with lots of pictures!  I’d like to give you a more personal look at my space and what I do on a daily basis. 


Lastly…back in the spring, I mentioned a new line of macramé jewelry that was going to come out this summer.  I DO have a few pieces to sell that I hope to get on the website in time for Christmas, so watch for those!  Here’s a sneak peek…

Gorgeous Lake Agate is the focal of this soft, comfy chemical-free hemp necklace. Bloodstone rounds dot the waves. This is a one-of-a-kind piece (that has a coordinating bracelet!) that will be on sale with more macramé soon at!

Gorgeous Lake Agate is the focal of this soft, comfy chemical-free hemp necklace. Bloodstone rounds dot the waves. This is a one-of-a-kind piece (that has a coordinating bracelet!) that will be on sale with more macramé soon at!

Thanks for visiting! 


New News for Spring


Hey, Everyone! :)


I have an announcement to make—at the end of this month I will be leaving my position at East Troy Acupuncture (ETA) so I can focus on Peridot Daisy!  Weee! :)  I feel so fortunate that life has unfolded in my favor so I can follow my dreams!  I do have my husband, Ken, to thank for being my biggest supporter of this decision.  Being an entrepreneur himself, he can identify with the love of working at home.  I am truly thankful!

This transition is bittersweet, however; I have been so grateful for my job at ETA.  My close friends, Brandon, and his wife, Joy, are the owners and it has been a pleasure and blessing to work for and with them.  Not many people can work so closely with friends and continue to have a solid relationship!  Mary Anne of Awakenings3 Bodywork—also in our clinic—has become a dear friend to me as well.  I have met so many awesome local folks through the clinic so the social interaction will be greatly missed.  Thankfully, a handful of them will be life-long friends!  I am sincerely thankful for the myriad benefits—on many, many levels—I have received being a part of the team for this last year and a half.  It’s been a wonderful chapter of my life!

I have tons of goals I want to slowly incorporate into Peridot Daisy as the year unfolds.  I have soooo many ideas for new designs!  For starters, my mom, Katy, will be partnering up with me for a special design line that will be announced this summer!  Eventually I’d like to have a gemstone of the month, or something similar.  I definitely want to make more holiday and season-based pieces.  And as I mentioned last time, I want to work on my soldering skills!  That will open up a whole new area of design!  Any ideas? Shoot me an email! 

In other news, sales at the Red Door Café have been wonderful!  Despite the small amount of time I’ve been able to devote to my inventory there (which will be changing soon!), I have an excellent “fan base” that will inspire me to create some special pieces that will only be sold there.  Right now there are mainly rings and a few bracelets.  Stop in to see them in person, or check out my buy local page to preview or buy them directly from my website.

I am beyond excited for the upcoming changes.  While the crafty side of me does love the actual meticulous labor of making my jewelry, the nurturing side of me relishes the love and healing properties that become a part of every piece!  I am extremely thrilled that soon I’ll have more time to spread that love through my business :)  Thanks to all my friends and family who support me and help me share my passion!

More soon…thanks for stopping by!


Josey Slight


The Peridot Daisy Blog


Hello, Friends & Family! 

I wanted to have a place to share with you some of the day-to-day happenings and ideas in my little Peridot Daisy workshop—events, new gemstones, new designs, etc…!  And what better way than a blog :)


Our lovely historic town square in East Troy, Wisconsin.There’s lot of great things happening with my jewelry biz in 2012!  For one, I’m considering signing up to have a tent in this year’s East Troy Marketplace, held every Thursday from 4-7pm on our town’s Square from mid-June through September.  The Marketplace is an awesome way to meet local artisans and farmers (and the East Troy area has a lot of them!) and hook yourself up with some of the best produce, housewares, gifts and goodies.  I’ll keep you updated on this exciting possibility :)

Red Door.jpg

Second, soon I will be setting up a display at a popular local coffee shop—the Red Door Café.  Owned by Jane Thompson and combined with her interior design business, JT Interiors, it’s a great place to hang out with friends, have some  excellent Alterra coffee or soup of the day, and of course, buy yourself some beautiful, locally made wares!  Updates will be made to my website once I get things to Red Door, hopefully within the next week.

Lastly, for Christmas, “Santa” (aka Hubby!) got me a micro-torch!  What does this mean?? No, I won’t be selling crème brûlées…haha…but I am planning to learn several soldering techniques!  This means sturdier jewelry, for one.  It also opens up a whole new world of possibilities for designs!  Stay tuned for these new creations in the near future.

Even though it’s (finally!?) snowing here in Wisconsin, I’m dreaming of Spring in just a few short weeks!  Thanks for stopping by :)


Josey Slight