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A little about me…

Peridot Daisy started in January of 2011, quite unexpectedly :) 


I’ve been a collector of gemstones for a while now, and in 2010, I got this hankering to WEAR them!  So the next thing I know, I went from never wearing any jewelry except my wedding ring and a Peridot necklace (from Hubby on our 1st anniversary) to having several pieces of gemstone jewelry.

And then the next thing I know I’m asking my Hubby for a wire jewelry making book for Christmas.  

Within a month of receiving the book, I was whipping out my own jewelry!  I’d taken my love for gemstones + my need for a creative outlet, then added some wire and pliers…and turned it into a jewelry-making adventure.  The skills came so quickly and easily for me, and I knew right away I’d finally found my passion.  

The name Peridot Daisy was created in celebration of my birthstone, Peridot, and the fact that my Peridot necklace from Hubby will always be my favorite! And the Daisy part…well, 1) it’s my fave flower and 2) more importantly, my Mamaw’s name was Daisy. :)  It’s memories of always seeing her cross-stitching, sewing yarn and canvas, and doing all sorts of other crafts that inspires me when I make my own jewelry.  Her watchful spirit guides me in every single piece of jewelry I make.  Anytime someone wears jewelry I’ve made, they’ll receive a little bit of the nurturing spunk Mamaw Daisy passed on through my Mom to me!  

Where do I get my inspiration?  The names of my pieces give much of it away…plants, animals, vivid colors, nature, food, even the far reaches of the universe!  I love giving some of my designs their own special name to help portray its specific inspiration.  My jewelry doesn’t have a consistent theme or style—anything that pleases me or makes me happy has the potential of being somehow integrated into a piece of jewelry that embodies a purpose or feeling that will bless those who wear it!

My creations are much more than aesthetic items to me.  Your jewelry will be infused with love and care as well as the gentle healing properties of the metals and gemstones.  All finished jewelry pieces are energetically cleansed, blessed, and mindfully charged with the intention of passing on happiness, healing, joy and blessings to you.

And most of all, I hope you have fun wearing your keepsakes.  Cherish them!

Thank you for visiting!


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