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What's New at Peridot Daisy

New News for Spring


Hey, Everyone! :)


I have an announcement to make—at the end of this month I will be leaving my position at East Troy Acupuncture (ETA) so I can focus on Peridot Daisy!  Weee! :)  I feel so fortunate that life has unfolded in my favor so I can follow my dreams!  I do have my husband, Ken, to thank for being my biggest supporter of this decision.  Being an entrepreneur himself, he can identify with the love of working at home.  I am truly thankful!

This transition is bittersweet, however; I have been so grateful for my job at ETA.  My close friends, Brandon, and his wife, Joy, are the owners and it has been a pleasure and blessing to work for and with them.  Not many people can work so closely with friends and continue to have a solid relationship!  Mary Anne of Awakenings3 Bodywork—also in our clinic—has become a dear friend to me as well.  I have met so many awesome local folks through the clinic so the social interaction will be greatly missed.  Thankfully, a handful of them will be life-long friends!  I am sincerely thankful for the myriad benefits—on many, many levels—I have received being a part of the team for this last year and a half.  It’s been a wonderful chapter of my life!

I have tons of goals I want to slowly incorporate into Peridot Daisy as the year unfolds.  I have soooo many ideas for new designs!  For starters, my mom, Katy, will be partnering up with me for a special design line that will be announced this summer!  Eventually I’d like to have a gemstone of the month, or something similar.  I definitely want to make more holiday and season-based pieces.  And as I mentioned last time, I want to work on my soldering skills!  That will open up a whole new area of design!  Any ideas? Shoot me an email! 

In other news, sales at the Red Door Café have been wonderful!  Despite the small amount of time I’ve been able to devote to my inventory there (which will be changing soon!), I have an excellent “fan base” that will inspire me to create some special pieces that will only be sold there.  Right now there are mainly rings and a few bracelets.  Stop in to see them in person, or check out my buy local page to preview or buy them directly from my website.

I am beyond excited for the upcoming changes.  While the crafty side of me does love the actual meticulous labor of making my jewelry, the nurturing side of me relishes the love and healing properties that become a part of every piece!  I am extremely thrilled that soon I’ll have more time to spread that love through my business :)  Thanks to all my friends and family who support me and help me share my passion!

More soon…thanks for stopping by!


Josey Slight