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What's New at Peridot Daisy

Spotlight: ELEMENTALS - Earth Bangle

Josey Slight


Happy Earth Day!   What perfect timing to tell you more about the Elementals Earth Bangle. :)

The Earth element governs our most basic needs in life--family, career, health, our home and financial security--all the things we need to feel safe and grounded.  These needs also correspond to the Base/Root (1st) chakra, which is the energy center found at the base of the spine.  If you find that you are lacking in any of these areas, including the physical area of the body, the Earth Bangle can help provide a little boost!

Supporting these particular life areas with the gentle vibrations of crystals encourages us to be resourceful, perseverant, practical and to feel more present in the now.

How do you know if you need the Earth Bangle?  Well, I like to tell people that if you find a particular piece of jewelry or gemstone particularly attractive, it's because there's an energetic vibration in it that will benefit you.  If you're an Earth sign (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn), this bangle will boost your naturally strong ties to this element...and if you're not, it will assist in bringing those to the forefront for examination and growth!

So here are my deeper thoughts on the gemstones in this design:

Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline.

The first gemstone I chose for this bangle is Black Tourmaline (easy to figure out--it's the black stone!).  You can't get more grounding than with this baby!  It truly is a must-have for our times.  It provides good stuff we need EVERY day--purification of the physical body, protection from excess electronics, and absorbing and transmuting other people's bad vibes.  And when I say grounding I mean several things: connecting us with the oh-so-healing Earth energies, keeping us focused on the here and now, and helping us feel stable, safe and strong.  Black Tourmaline isn't shy, and it does its job with no questions asked!

Smoky Quartz.

Smoky Quartz.

A best friend to Black Tourmaline is Smoky Quartz (small and translucent smoky brown).  I love pairing these two.  Smoky has many of the same properties, but it is even more efficient at "composting" negative energies (EMFs, grouchy people vibes, sadness, etc...). It literally sends those energies into the Earth, and She transforms them back into love and light as they are sent back out!  It is also slightly more gentle and when worn over long periods of time becomes well attuned to your energy field to help you exactly in the ways you need! Smoky Quartz is also a wonderful hormone balancer for both women AND men.  It is that best friend you need on a down-in-the-dumps kinda day.  Goodness knows we all need that!

Picasso Jasper.

Picasso Jasper.

The next gemstone in the bangle is Picasso Jasper (multi-earth-colored stones with flat sides). There are many varieties of Jasper, and they all vibrate with Mama Earth's energy in a very simple and raw way.  I chose Picasso Jasper because while it is an excellent Earth element stone, it also brings in some upper chakra energies.  Not only is it superb at stimulating creativity (2nd and 3rd chakras) but it helps in the area of attracting beneficial relationships (3rd chakra) as well as in prayer and meditation (6th & 7th chakras). I feel that those who need support for their Earth element can always benefit from extra stability in these areas--healthy relationships and being able to express ourselves creatively (however that may be for you!) helps us grow and blossom!  Picasso Jasper reminds us to let our hair down and live and to step out of the worries of daily survival.  It provides an excellent balance between all the grounding and security that Earth element stones provide.

Moss Agate.

Moss Agate.

The last gemstone in the bangle is Moss Agate (light and medium green round stones).  I chose this stone as the energetic link between all the rest.  Compared to the blacks and browns of the other gems, Moss Agate's color is airy and light and gives you the feeling of new life in spring!  It is vitality and it is growth.  It puts the ZING in between all the deep, earthy grounding gems.  It is a superb whole-body balancing gemstone and loves to do its thing in the background, very persistently and gently.  Moss Agate can also give you a peek into the realm of Nature Spirits if you so desire...if the child-like part of you wants to explore, just ask Moss Agate and she will take you there!  Maybe that sounds silly to some, but connecting to that basic part of you as a child is very healing and magical.  Opening your eyes to the miracles of nature can truly bring joy and happiness to the dark corners of our modern lives.

I hope this has been a fun and educational post!  I like to think my designs are much more than pretty collections of stones; I enjoy the process, science and also the esoteric part of creating healing jewelry!

Next up: the FIRE Elemental Bangle!

Thanks for stopping by :)