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wire jewelry care

How to Care for Your Wire-Wrapped Jewelry


Keep it dry.  Avoid immersing your jewelry in dish or bath water, salt water or chlorinated water or exposing it to household chemicals.  Put on your jewelry last—after you’ve used hairspray, makeups and lotions.

Store it sealed, dark & dry.  Keep your jewelry in a small, plastic zipper bag by itself to protect it from moisture (which speeds up tarnishing) and getting scratched.  Especially with gemstones, store out of direct sunlight to keep from fading.  If you have copper jewelry, keeping it dry and storing in a zipper bag is especially important if you want to keep it from tarnishing too fast.

To clean and shine:   NEVER use chemical jewelry cleaners, as they may ruin certain gemstones or remove special finishes on the metal.  Simply use mild dish soap in warm water and a cotton cloth or soft brush to gently buff away surface tarnish.  Use a soft toothbrush if needed for the crevices, and don't brush too hard.  Dry well with a soft cloth.  Polish with cotton flannel or jewelry polishing cloth.  For extra shine, use your hair dryer on low/cool to dry the jewelry, taking care not to point the heat directly on the gemstones.

Alternatively, contact your friendly neighborhood jeweler (me!) and I can make it look brand new!  No charge, ever; you just pay to ship it to me if we can't meet in person.

These tips will protect your jewelry and help ensure a lifetime of enjoyment!