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You may see me toss around these terms from time to time on the website.  I try to refrain from nerdy-jeweller-talk, but sometimes the proper term is just the best way to say things!  See anything else you don’t understand?  Let me know!


Argentium Silver:   Argentium Silver is a fairly new alloy (1990s) similar to Sterling Silver.  It contains 92.5% Fine Silver just like Sterling, and then adds a touch of Germanium to the remaining 7.5% Copper.  When properly heated, the Germanium comes to the surface of the metal and provides an amazing anti-tarnish finish.  It can also be fused without solder and is resistant to the firescale created when heat is applied, which saves time and money.  This is very attractive to both jeweler and jewelry-wearer! Argentium looks and feels just like Sterling and the non-tarnish factor is the most important feature for those who wear it. 

Bronze:   Peridot Daisy uses genuine Bronze metal that is made in the USA.  It is 88% Copper with the remaining 12% consisting mainly of Zinc and Tin with trace amounts of Nickel, Silicon, Manganese, Iron and Phosphorus.  It is a beautiful warm gold color. 

Cabochon (CAB-uh-shahn):  A cabochon is a gemstone that is shaped and polished (sometimes faceted), and typically without a hole drilled in it.  Most of the time they are ovular, flat on the back and convex in the front.  Cabochons are especially good for showing off beautiful striations and variations of colors in gemstones.   Usually you will notice them first in pendants, but you can also use cabochons in rings, earrings and bracelets.

Copper: Peridot Daisy uses bare/untreated Copper wire.  It is 99% pure and is made in the USA.  For my thoughts on using bare Copper in jewelry, check out the About the Jewelry page.

Gemstone:  A genuine mineral or semi-precious or precious crystal; not man-made.

Gold-filled:  14/20 Gold-filled wire is created with a core of Brass and covered in a very thick layer of pure 14-karat Gold (1/20th of the weight).  For all the nerdy details, see here!  Gold-filled wire gives you the Gold you love, with more durability than plated and at a very affordable price.

Gunmetal:  Not an artificial plating.  On this website, it’s a reference to an oxidation color on Sterling silver.  It’s a very deep silvery gray that can be polished or matte.

Earwire:  That little hook thingy your earrings hang from :)  Always handmade by me.

mm:  Millimeters.  Used when describing the size of a gemstone.

Oxidized/Antiqued:  Oxidation or antiquing is what creates a darkened surface (patina) on the wire through the process of tarnishing.  In my case, it’s a bit of a misnomer because I use a non-toxic compound called Liver of Sulfur to antique my jewelry, which doesn’t use oxygen (needed for oxidation) in the process.  At any rate, a piece of jewelry that is oxidized or antiqued will generally be darker than the bare, shiny silver or copper.  With wire-wrapped jewelry, antiquing brings out the beautiful wrapping details when the surface of the wire is polished and the wrap crevices are left dark.  It is rare that I don't use Liver of Sulfur on my jewelry just for that reason. Luckily, just because a piece is "antiqued" doesn't mean the finish has to be dark (only the crevices of the wrapping will be). Depending on your liking, I can polish off more or less of the antiquing to produce varying shades of silver.  

Patina:  The finish that naturally or artificially forms on the surface of the wire.  Also, a fancy word for tarnish :)  In antique jewelry, the unique patinas are very prized and appreciated.

Shank:  The band of a ring.

Sterling Silver:  Fine Silver (99.9%) on its own is VERY soft and malleable.  Sterling silver is 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper.  The addition of the copper gives it strength and durability while still preserving the beauty of the silver.  Because copper tarnishes (reacts to oxygen) quickly, this is why Sterling silver loses its shine faster than a 99.9% Fine silver or Argentium silver item (which has little reaction with oxygen).

You-nique Edition: "Same design, but unique for you!"  Items that are labeled You-nique Edition are designs I can duplicate, but less exactly than any of my other standard designs.  Typically it means it will look very similar to what you see on the website, except some details will be varied, such as randomly placed gemstones and irregular wrapping patterns. (For example, the Little Twinkle Star necklace. Since the stones are randomly placed and randomly wrapped, no pendant will be exactly alike. The same gemstones in the same amount will be used.) Also, since I use genuine natural gemstones, some designs will have varying colors, but always similar to the photos.  Rest assured the basic design will be the same and it will still match the website description!