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Finding Your Ring or Bracelet Size



If you’re not sure what size ring you need, here are some tools to help you determine it!

First, remember:

  • Ring size is determined by measuring the INSIDE circumference of the ring band.
  • Don’t assume you know your ring size if you’ve never worn a ring on that particular finger before.  Go ahead and measure just to be sure!

This tool gives two options: a cut-out sizer that wraps around your finger and also a chart where you can compare a current ring you own (and want that same size).  Use whichever one works for you.  They are both very accurate!

When in doubt, head over to your local jeweler and ask him or her to size your fingers. It only takes a few minutes!

View the Ring Sizing Chart



Finding your bracelet size is easy.  For women, the standard is 7-7.5" and men is 8 inches.  However, everyone has their own preference for how they like their bracelets to fit!  Here are some tips and instructions to help you decide what your personal size will be.

First, take a **soft measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist just above your wrist bone (the hard “knuckle” on the outside of your wrist).  Make sure it is snug but not squeezing tight.  If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, use a string or thin strip of paper and mark it where it overlaps the end.  Then lay it flat against any ruler to measure.

Second, add 1/4 inch at a time to find your “comfort fit zone.”  Typically it’s anywhere from 1/2-1 inch.  The final total inches will be your bracelet size.


NOTE: When ordering, you’ll notice I offer sizes by the half.  If you need a 1/4 inch size, please contact me via the website.  


** It’s important to use something very thin when measuring your wrist because bracelet size is determined by the INSIDE circumference of the bracelet, not the actual length.  If you use something bulky to measure with, like say, a thick piece of rope or even another bracelet, there will be a discrepancy between the actual length when laid flat and the inner circumference when worn.  Any beads in the bracelet take up space in the circumference, so larger beaded bracelets will be longer than ones with smaller beads.  Here’s a good visual: imagine an 8-inch bracelet made with peas and then another 8-inch one made with ping-pong balls.  When the clasps are hooked, the ping-pong balls shrink the inner circumference much more than the peas will!