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Strength of the Nile Bangle


Strength of the Nile Bangle


Strength of the Nile Bangle


This item is made and ready to ship!

Many of us are drawn to the fascinating history of ancient Egypt and may even feel an ancestral connection.  Two of the gemstones in this design--Lapis Lazuli and Chrysocolla--have long been used in Egypt and revered for their metaphysical properties.  (See more at the bottom under "Gemstone Attributes".)

I was drawn to combine them with Pyrite (which is also present in Lapis Lazuli as the gold-colored flecks!) and tiny solid Brass beads to create a bangle that represents and gently supports:

  • strength of will
  • connection to your inner knowledge and intuition
  • enhanced communication with a balanced head/heart
  • ambition and strong manifestation skills   

Just like with all of my jewelry creations, this bangle will be cleansed and blessed with these intentions to further enhance the gentle vibrations of the gemstones as they work together for your highest good!

Your bangle contains approximately 18 inches of A grade or higher gemstones.  The stones are strung on Stainless Steel memory wire which is flexible and easy to put on and take off--no clasp!  It will fit wrists measuring 6-9 inches.  All of my jewelry comes in a personalized muslin drawstring pouch for storage or gift-giving.

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Lapis Lazuli is a beloved stone that has been treasured for centuries.  It was used in Egyptian carvings, jewelry and cosmetics (ground into powder) as well as inlays for the sarcophagi of many Egyptian Pharaohs. Many other civilizations have used Lapis Lazuli in household decorative structures and art, and for others it was a mark of royalty.  For some it was a stone of enlightenment, freeing one from negative thoughts and bringing inner peace.  

Today, Lapis Lazuli still embodies the underlying theme carried by our ancestors--just as it was revered by the Pharaohs, it awakens our visionary awareness and intuition as well as helping us access spiritual guidance. Because it is a stone of "truth" it assists us in speaking the truth (literally and our own personal truth).  It aids in learning, acquiring knowledge and also enhances memory.  It is excellent for visualization or receiving guidance visually.  Lastly, if you have ever felt connected to a certain civilization or feel you have had a past life, Lapis Lazuli is superior in helping you tap into that information and put together the puzzle of your pasts.

Chrysocolla is the master of peace and tranquility.  Especially if you tend to be the “firey” type, this quintessential Water Element stone will calm and soothe you, helping you maintain a neutral emotional state, especially when dealing in communication.  It has been called “The Wise Stone of Conciliation” in ancient Egyptian legend, because it psychologically safeguarded and encouraged the mind during negotiations, and the individuals who wore it usually came up with intelligent compromises and resolutions. Teachings also say that this stone could influence violent people, making them more sensitive and tolerant, which it seems is why Cleopatra, diplomatically wore Chrysocolla everywhere she went.  Being a Throat (5th) and Heart (4th) chakra stone, Chrysocolla’s greatest strengths lie in gently encouraging the flow of energy in these areas, empowering you to embody its gentleness in how you communicate to others (through the Throat chakra), combining your higher consciousness with the deepest truths in your heart.  It can also help you discern when it is best to speak up, or to stay silent—as both can be very powerful in the right situation! Lastly, Chrysocolla empowers its wearers (female AND male) with the energies of the Divine Feminine, connecting one deeply with the healing and balancing vibrations of Mother Earth.  A crystal of the Goddess, it is helpful in dealing with pain and anger associated with physical abuse, or abuse of any kind, allowing for inner forgiveness and release of resentment.

Pyrite, derived from the Greek word for fire, got its name because when two pieces are struck together it can create sparks!  It is also known as "fool's gold" because of its shiny yellow metallic appearance when polished. It is easy to spot as a specimen in a gem shop—its cubical formation is quite unique! Its healing attributes are very masculine, but helpful for both male and female energies--enhancing will power and ambition, and creating a feeling of power and confidence while supporting stamina and physical endurance. Pyrite is a powerful Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra stone, the body’s center for manifestation and experiencing the world.  It helps provide the “oomph” you might need to bring what you want or need fully into your life. Pyrite also benefits the physical body by supporting the circulatory, respiratory and endocrine systems.  


The information presented to you on is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Gemstones and metals are outstanding additions to your health care regimen and daily life, and can energetically provide balance, protection and encouragement, all which promote healing and happiness at a deep level. We encourage you to include many modes of care for your health--including traditional medicine, alternative medicine and energy medicine--and advise you to always seek professional guidance.


The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest