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Elementals - Fire Bangle


Elementals - Fire Bangle


Elementals - Fire Bangle


This item is made and ready to ship!

ASSOCIATED WITH: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Spring Equinox, energy fields and meridians of the body, momentum, creativity, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras (2nd & 3rd)

Peridot Daisy's exclusive Elementals line has been designed to empower the 4 elemental parts of your personality and life.  The elements are EarthFireWater, and Wind/Air.

You can choose your design based on your astrological sign, the area of your life you'd like to focus on, a Chakra group you want to balance or simply what ones are most beautiful to you!  Did you know you are naturally attracted to colors and gemstones that you need the most?  That makes it easy :)


The Fire element governs the flow of energy through the meridians of our physical body, creativity, physical pleasures, manifestation and desire.   "Fanning the flames" of this element with gemstones supports our vitality, energy, creative endeavors and the reproductive and digestive systems of the body.  If you need some momentum and inspiration to make your dreams come true (or just to get your house cleaned!), fire element gemstones will boldly encourage you to take action!

The gemstones I have chosen for the Fire bangle bracelet are Honey Calcite, Bronzite, Rhodochrosite, Citrine, Tiger's Eye and Carnelian, separated by Brass rondelles.  See the bottom of the page for complete descriptions of each!  Every Elementals bracelet is energized in sunshine.  I use a Crystal Resonator tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize their vibrations, and then bless them with the intentions discussed above :) 

Your bangle contains approximately 18 inches of AAA quality gemstones.  The stones are strung on Stainless Steel memory wire which is flexible and easy to put on and take off--no clasp!  It will fit wrists measuring 6-9 inches.  All of my jewelry comes in a personalized muslin drawstring pouch for storage or gift-giving.

To read even more, check out my in-depth blog post about why I chose the stones I did:  Spotlight: Elementals - Fire Bangle

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Honey Calcite is a master in helping you get the project done.  It will provide physical stamina, focus and persistence.  It will also give you confidence to overcome any fears of said project, especially fears of taking responsibility.  It helps dissolve the walls you create that prevent you from receiving full abundance in life.  In addition to all its energizing properties, Honey Calcite is a wonderful, soothing stone.  In the midst of getting that project done it will temper any stress with calm and clarity.  Physically, this particular color of Calcite is a balm to the endocrine system.  It assists in balancing blood sugar and supports all glandular functions and the immune system.  

Bronzite (Enstatite) is known as the "stone of focused action," especially in the area of service.  It offers a view of the big picture and moves you forward into action without the need for personal reward and to see the benefit of the end result.  It also gives you a boost of courage to follow your life's path or when facing a difficult situation.  Bronzite contains Iron which provides energy, grounding, and protection.  It is well-known for its abilities to help balance the body's pH, promote healing of skin disorders, and is especially helpful during life cycle transitions (puberty, menopause, etc...).

Rhodochrosite is the “stone of love and balance.”  It represents selfless love and compassion.  It’s the perfect stone for people who feel unloved or have had a hard time processing heartbreaking relationships--it brings painful and repressed feelings to the surface and helps you acknowledge and release them.  Rhodochrosite urges you to face the truth about yourself and other people and gently helps remove tendencies toward denial.  Amidst all its emotional cleansing properties, it encourages a positive, expressive attitude.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  This is the motto of Citrine, the stone that can bring out the creative expression in the most uncreative of minds!  Consider Citrine your ally for clarity and brainstorming visionary ideas.  Being one of the most powerful crystals for the Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra, it purifies the channels of manifestation and magnifies the incoming flow of all the things you want and need for your highest good.  Citrine instills in us that we are loved and supported by the Divine Universe.  It is a cheery and optimistic crystal that stokes the fires of our will and reminds us that we are deserving of abundance.

Tiger's Eye is a stone of Fire and Earth, sun and soil, spirit and body.  This duality teaches us balance in our everyday lives.  Tiger's Eye is a firm teacher of finding the harmonious middle ground when presented with extreme situations or polarities in our own emotional lives.  To take that even further, it will show you that all those polarities are simply expressions of Source.  Learning this, you will begin to make choices not based on quick judgment, but by discernment cultivated by your highest self.  Tiger's Eye could be considered the warrior's stone--it protects, brings luck, enhances courage, passion, and physical strength.  Its resonance with the first three Chakras makes it a perfect balance of grounding, practicality and action.

Carnelian activates the lower three Chakras with powerful red-orange flames of boldness!  Its energies are fast-acting and assertive, yet discerning for what you are ready to take on.  It is well-known for boosting creativity, sexual desire, vitality, and physical stamina.  It is a builder of passion, zest, and confidence.  It is especially helpful for those who are "in their heads" much too often; it balances inner spiritual work with being firmly grounded.  Through fortifying our physical body, it strengthens our connection to the Divine.  Carnelian will help guide those who are indecisive or need a nudge to forge a new path--it will remind you to stop waiting for your dreams to be realized and to focus your intentions with unwavering faith.  


The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

The information presented to you on is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Gemstones and metals are outstanding additions to your health care regimen and daily life, and can energetically provide balance, protection and encouragement, all which promote healing and happiness at a deep level.  We encourage you to include many modes of care for your health--including traditional medicine, alternative medicine and energy medicine--and advise you to always seek professional guidance.